Twilight Catch Light

As the sun goes down, this Short Eared Owl takes to the sky in search of his supper.  Memphis, TN


These Cattle Egrets are setting up house in New Iberia, LA.

Formation Flying

These Sandhill Cranes make formation flying look easy at Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge.

Sun Salutation

This Great White Egret meditates on the still, calm perfection of the morning at Herb Parsons Lake, Memphis, TN.


This heron was having a good day snatching dragon flies that were careless enough to fly too close.

Catch of the Day

Hungry chicks call for a steady supply of protein like this nice fish! Shiloh National Park, TN.

Dad Gives Mom a Snack

Dad was on his way to the nest with this treat when Mom intercepted him.  She was probably already growing eggs for the next clutch.  He obliged. Cordova, TN.

Evening Roost

A heron takes a lonely post for the night.  Reelfoot Lake, Tiptonville, TN.

Pinpoint Landing

An osprey demonstrates a precision landing at Reelfoot Lake, Tiptonville, TN.

Egret in Tree Top

A soft and graceful landing in the delicate branches of a cedar at Reelfoot Lake, Tiptonville, TN.

King of the Skies

It's no wonder this was chosen as our national bird.  Shiloh National Park, TN.


Snowy White Egrets having a dispute over territory. New Iberia, LA.

Fawns in a Field

Very young fawns feed on the tender grass of August. Shiloh National Park, TN.

On Guard

This osprey stands ready to challenge anyone coming too close to its nest at Reelfoot Lake, Tiptonville, TN.

Canis Latrans

This coyote is keeping a close eye on me as I observe its morning hunt at Shiloh National Park, TN.

Big Buck White Tail

A buck doesn't get this big without being aware of the presence of a photographer.  Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN.

Flaunt 'em if you got 'em

This Anole lizard proudly displays his dewlap to impress the ladies near Gulf Shores, AL.

The Launch

With a powerful sweep of its massive wings this eagle commits to the launch at Shiloh National Park, TN.

Sushi Delivery

Bringing in a nice fish for the chicks, Reelfoot Lake, Tiptonville, TN.

House Finch

A House Finch strikes a pose during courtship rituals, Lakeland, TN.

Leaping Cranes

These Sandhill Cranes are showing off at the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge near Dayton, TN

In No Uncertain Terms

This Green Heron is making it crystal clear to the interloper exactly who is the owner of this log. Cordova, TN.


Mature Ruby Throated Hummingbird in early spring at Lakeland, TN.

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