Man on the Dunes

A solitary visitor treks across the vast nothingness of the dunes at Great Sand Dunes, NP.

Tree in the Fog

The graphic intricacies of a bare tree emerge on a foggy morning in Cades Cove, Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

Fern on Rock

This interplay of shadows and textures caught my eye along the side of the trail in Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Low Tide

Colors are superfluous as the last light of the day reveals patterns in black and white at Mobile Bay, AL.


Bare branches glow with a sheathing of ice near Lakeland, TN.


Captured but not conquered, the spirit shows in the unflinching stare of this gorilla in the Memphis Zoo.

Ball and Socket

Countless floods have sculpted these rocks like a ball and a glove in this riverbed in New Zealand.

Storm Blowin' In

A restless sea and dark clouds foretell of the storm to come at Rockport, MA.

Angel's Window

Black and white seemed the best way to convey the textures and harsh shapes of the terrain at Angel's Window in Grand Canyon National Park, AZ.

Chosen Tree - Cades Cove - 2020

Sunlight from a break in the clouds seems to signify a special status to this tree in Cades Cove, Great Smokey Mountains N.P.

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